Zombie Bees?????

A parasitic fly landing on a honeybee.
Courtesy of Christopher Quock
In 2008 the parasitoid Phorid fly, Apocephlus borealis otherwise known as the Zombie Fly started killing honey bee's. It is unsure why they made the jump from their usual hosts paper wasps and bumble bees. 
Eggs are laid in the living bees. In the middle of the night the bees leave the hive and fly to lights. They end up crashing, staggering to their death. The full-grown larvae emerges and form pupae. Eventually adults emerge, mate and continue the cycle all over again.
The first 2014 report came through of a "Zombie" honey bee specimen in the Shoreline, WA area on March 10th. It's still not known how this parasitoid will affect the overall honey bee population. What we do know is the honey bee can't afford anything else attacking its population. 
Learn more about the spread of the Zombie Fly by checking out Dr. Hafernik's "Zom-bee Watch" website. 
Check the bees in your area! Look for dying bees at night by lights and put them in a ziplock bag. If they are infested, maggots will soon emerge. Report any positive findings to the "Zom-bee Watch" website. 

Drizzling Honey for Valentine's Day

Super sensuous Honey Cheesecake is the perfect treat for Valentine's Day! 
Decorate your cake! Here are a few ideas -
  • Feel like a queen with figs, they were Cleopatra's favorite. 
  • Pomegranate's juice or syrup is known as the liquid Viagra. It helps men and woman equally feel more frisky. 
  • Honey has long been known for passion. The simple sugars are fast acting to give you the instant pep right when you need it. Drizzle it on your cheesecake or wherever else you may enjoy…
Get the recipe in my book Family Honey Five Generations of Beekeeping.

Photo Credit - Mobiletones

Homemade Lip Gloss and Salves Make Wonderful Holiday Gifts

Lip gloss and salves are wonderful! We use them to enjoy soft, healthy lips and hands. Skin and lips can chap or dry from wind, cold, or heat. Even normal skin can have rough areas or calluses. We love the feel of salve on our tired bodies and enjoy the relaxing sensation of applying it. That's what makes them marvelous gifts for friends, family, and lovers. Unfortunately many store bought products contain chemicals, artificial fragrances, and alcohol that can actually cause dryness. Those products don't make great gifts!

When you make your own with my recipe from the book Family Honey: Five Generations of Beekeeping you'll know the ingredients are healthy and healing. For the holidays use organic red, green, or purple food coloring and get creative with scents too.

Look for decorative containers at your local thrift store. Many craft and supply stores carry lip gloss holders and hand lotion bottles. If you're in the Seattle area, Archie McPhee has a nice selection of interesting bottles in the back of the store.  

Happy Holidays from my Hive to Yours!

Grandma Grace's Honey Peach Strawberry Pie Recipe

What should you do with all of the yummy strawberries you have? Maybe they are from your garden or maybe you picked them up at the farmer's market. Your neighbor just gave you fresh peaches too? Why not make a tasty pie? My Grandma Grace's Honey Peach Strawberry Pie Recipe is the best I've come across. Of course I'm partial but you will be too once you try it. You don't have the recipe? No problem, you can download it in seconds right now. It is one of many great recipes in my book Family Honey Five Generations of Beekeeping. Click here! —http://www.amazon.com/dp/b0050k7pps